Prérequis à l'inscription

Initial registration

A multi-step process
“ PhD registration is undertaken by the head teacher on proposal of the doctoral school director, after acknowledging the opinion and acceptance to supervise of the thesis supervisor and the opinion of the research unit director" (decree of August 7th 2006 on doctoral education: Article 14)
Administrative registration with the respective education departments (Management of Institutes Students and Doctoral Students Curricula for students in Bordeaux University, Doctoral Training Service in Office B.120 of Sciences Po Bordeaux for IEP students) is only the last step in a process that previously entails:
-  an essentially scientific preparatory phase, consisting of contacts with a supervisor and a research unit attached to the school
-  the main phase of investigation by the school regarding the application for PhD registration.

The whole process is designed to allow future doctoral students to accurately measure the full extent of their involvement in the doctoral cycle (Charter of Theses). The contacts that are planned at different stages of the process with members of the management team (supervisor, research unit, management of the doctoral school) help the students become fully aware of the requirements of doctoral training, particularly in terms of scientific policy, choice of thesis subject (interest, feasibility, etc..) and thesis preparation (material and financial conditions) so as to engage knowingly in the curriculum.

Application for the Doctoral School
Candidates for PhD registration must provide (July 1st to November 20th 2012)
-  one (information file) including a general information sheet, a résumé detailing the academic course and the results of the Masters degree or equivalent qualifications, a presentation of the doctoral research project (minimum 10 pages including references)
-  the written commitment and opinion of the planned supervisor,
-  the opinion of the research unit director,
-  the schooling services administrative form (administrative file) to be sent to the head teachers, with the favourable opinion and endorsement of the supervisor and the research unit director.
Scrutiny of the file by the school ensures that doctoral candidates meet registration requirements in terms of degree, thesis supervision and appropriate research unit membership, and ensures that "the scientific, material and financial resources are available to ensure the proper conduct of the applicant's research and thesis preparation, after consultation with the director of the research unit about the quality of the project" (decree of August 7th 2006 on doctoral education: Article 14).