Demande de dérogation pour année supplémentaire

Students enrolled in 3rd year
No later than September 1st, the PhD student must send the Doctoral School an expected date of defence, stating that he/she will defend his/her thesis before December 31. In this case, the student is not subject to the monitoring procedure as defined above at the end of the 1st and 2nd years.
Authorisation for re-registration is not guaranteed, even in the 2nd or 3rd years. It takes into account the student’s commitment in preparing their theses, their doctoral courses and their progress as validated by their supervisor.
The (activity report) has to be produced in the format requested by the school and it should allow all elements relating to the thesis preparation to be assessed.

Application for Dispensatory Registration

This application must remain exceptional. The student follows the same procedure applied to students enrolled in the 2nd year (activity report, monitoring committee). In this case, the monitoring committee is explicitly responsible for ensuring that the student does his/her very best to complete his/her thesis during the dispensatory year.
The request is then submitted to the Doctoral School Board for an opinion.
The student must send the additional registration request form (Dispensatory Registration) duly completed and signed to the Doctoral School for examination by the School Board.
Any registration in the 4th year is subject to the provisions of the decree of August 7th 2006. Dispensation requests must also be consistent with the spirit of the Charter of Theses, which states that thesis dispensations "occur in specific situations, in particular paid work, full-time teaching, research specificity inherent in certain subjects, or particular risk. They do not in any way substantially alter the nature and intensity of the research as originally defined by mutual agreement" (Section 4 of the Charter). Permission for dispensatory re-registration is by no means automatic, even for doctoral students in the cases specified above, and takes into account the reality of their work and progress.
It is recommended that doctoral students add to their file any evidence showing the reality of their work progress: overall plan, written chapters, written or published articles, etc…
PhD students who have to undertake specific administrative formalities (opening rights, renewal of residence permits, etc.) requiring a university registration certificate must take all necessary measures to ensure that their request is examined by the Board during the very first meeting of the academic year.