Rappel des dispositions générales

Overall Organisation

The overall organisational framework of the doctoral cycle is set out in the decree of August 7th 2006 on doctoral education (Decree of August 7th 2006). It governs such details as:
-   enrolment in doctoral programs (Article 14),
-   degree conditions required for PhD registration and the conditions for dispensatory registration (Article 14),
-   normal duration of PhD preparation and the conditions for dispensatory registration (Article 15),
-   conditions of supervision by a tutor (Article 17),
-   authorisation of defence (Article 18), composition of the thesis jury (Article 19), and the defence (Article 20).
The text of the decree provides the Doctoral School with a number of specific responsibilities, such as making proposals and expressing opinions sent to the head teacher at different stages of the doctoral cycle: registration, re-registration, defence. The development of these proposals and opinions generally requires other opinions to be obtained, especially those of the tutor and the director of the research unit and, in some cases, the decision of the school board. These relatively laborious procedures are subject to a set schedule, especially regarding the meetings of the Board and the time for preparing thesis defences. It is therefore recommended that applicants and doctoral students always contact the school before beginning the administrative procedure, so that their application is processed in a timely manner.
Candidates and doctoral students are also reminded that the doctoral cycle is not limited to the preparation of the thesis. It also includes classes, seminars, missions or courses organised within the school (Article 16).