Board of SP2 Doctoral School
The director is assisted by two deputy directors belonging to two other areas of science. In accordance with the decree of August 7th 2006, the board is set up by the President of the University of Bordeaux and has 26 members: 13 members representing institutions and research units, including 1 ITA, 5 PhD students elected by their peers and 8 members from outside the school chosen among French or foreign personalities who are competent in scientific, industrial or socio-economic domains. The 12 non-ITA members representing institutions come equally from three scientific fields (i.e., human sciences, political sciences, public health and pharmacoepidemiology).
List of Board Members (PDF)

Rules governing board meetings
The board meets once a month in plenary or restricted sessions to discuss the various aspects of school life: examination of doctoral applications, organisation of competitive exams, awarding of grants, preparation of the Annual Scientific Days, assignment of tutors, requests for HDR (Accreditation to Supervise Research) / ADT or exemptions. Every year, a meeting is devoted to the assessment of procedures (registrations and grant awards) and more "strategic" discussion about school policy.